Fatamorgana is an encouragement to be aware and supportive about the basic human right to freedom for everyone. An encouragement to promote cultural diversity and unite in the ambition of a better future for all human kind.

“My inspiration for this collection has been the phenomenon Fatamorgana (Fata Morgana), an optical illusion caused by exceptional heat, often experienced by exhausted pilgrimages traveling through the Sahara. When seeing a Fatamorgana the human brain often tends to show an illusion of one’s upmost desire in the current situation. To me, Fatamorgana is a way to express my motivation and desire and actively contribute to a unified future, not defined by boarders, skin colour, religion or economic status”.

Amir Hassan, Creative director

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Amir Hassan - أمير حسن

After graduating from VIA Design in the summer of 2016, designer Amir founded the brand Twelvepieces in Aarhus, Denmark in November 2016. Twelvepieces is a high-end streetwear and lifestyle brand with a strong storytelling.  

“I want to underline that people are still fighting for basic human rights in the Middle East and the people cannot be compared to their government. Though I do not want to promote any specific political stand, my message with ‘The Spring’ is clear: Stand up for your rights! I try to stay out of the ideological and social debate and let my clothes speak for themselves. I am not trying to tell people what is right or wrong. I am trying to inspire people to stand up for what they believe in.”

- Amir Hassan, Creative Director