Exclusive capsule collection

Twelvepieces exclusive capsule collections are built upon storytelling with new takes on iconic silhouettes with a street & minimalistic approach. Our exclusive capsule collections are produced as very limited goods. 12 styles and only 12 pieces of each style. Every piece is numbered from 1/12 to 12/12.
Our exclusive collections are created to strengthen the DNA of our brand by creating graphics and bold designs that underline the values and visions behind Twelvepieces.
Our exclusive capsule collections drop once a year.

Twelvepieces mainlines follow the design DNA from our limited collections but the styles are not individually numbered and not as expensive as our limited collections. Our mainlines are created to make Twelvepieces available for everyone, regardless of social and economic status.
Social sustainability, high quality, ecological awareness, and compatible prices are first priorities for our mainline.
Our mainline drops twice a year.

We strongly believe that innovation and collaboration are among the key components to a bright and unified future. Custom skateboards, paintings on papyrus are among the outcomes of our earlier collaborations.
we are always looking for new collaborating partners to team up with.
Do you see a synergy between our brands? Don’t hesitate to reach out!
Contact: Amir@twelvepieces.dk