After graduating from VIA Design in the summer of 2016, Amir Hassan was looking for a partner to start his own clothing line with. Frederik Christian Rasbech was looking for a meaningful investment and together the two friends founded the brand Twelvepieces in Aarhus, Denmark in November 2016 Twelvepieces is a high-end street wear and lifestyle brand. Twelvepieces collections are built upon storytelling combined with new takes on iconic silhouettes with a street & minimalistic approach. Our collections are always trying to emphasize cultural diversity and freedom. ‘The Spring’, our first collection was inspired by the Arabic Spring and a homage to self-expression and freedom.

“I want to underline that people are still fighting for basic human rights in the Middle East and the people cannot be compared to their government. Though I do not want to promote any specific political stand, my message with ‘The Spring’ is clear: Stand up for your rights! I try to stay out of the ideological and social debate and let my clothes speak for themselves. I am not trying to tell people what is right or wrong. I am trying to inspire people to stand up for what they believe in.”

- Amir Hassan,
interview with Stark Magazine, august 2017